UX Design

What is UX Design?

User Experience Design is a bit of a strange concept for most people. It's often mistaken for User Interface (UI) Design, which is only a part of the process. A fully fledged UX Design process consists of many processes and flows before an end product can be reached. It's a process that is often overlooked, but is crucial for the success of your digital product. An extra benefit of having us do your UX Design is that we can also turn it into a fully functional custom website via our Web Development services.

UX Design

Benefits of good UX:

  • Increased customer satisfaction

    Your customers will feel understood and valued when you put their wants & needs first; an improved User Experience guarentees people coming back, and gives you free verbal marketing via your customers.

  • Higher Profits & Conversion Rates

    Optimizing the UX of your digital products can directly improve profits of your company. Through optimizing the UX of your User Flows, we ensure your users never get stuck on any steps and are able to complete their flows as needed.

  • Faster & Cheaper Development

    Working UX first makes your development phase cheaper through less testing and revamping. Because we're designing what your users want to see, you need less rebuild and revamps down the line.

How we build your User Experience.

UX Design


In UX Design, research is over half the effort. You can't make good products if you don't know your audience and we take that very seriously here. That's why we always start every project off with a proper research phase; allowing us time to dig into your users, competitors and stakeholders. Through User interviews, Personas, Customer Journey Maps and Competitor Analysis we lay down a strong picture of who it is we're going to be designing for.

95% of first impressions relate to your website's design!
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UX Design

Sketches and wireframes.

After the initial research phase of your digital product, we move on to the actual design phase. Here, we focus on creating solutions that closely match the results, wishes and desires we've uncovered in the research phase. Only then can we ensure your customers will have the best experience. In this phase, the keywords are iteration and experimentation. We want to explore many different options and eventually narrow them down for the third phase of the UX process.

Through close co-operation and feedback sessions, we'll pick a fitting direction for your digital product to follow in the end.

UX Design

Prototyping, testing and validating.

Normally the last phase of a UX Design phase consists of evolving the chosen designs from the sketching phase into clickable functional prototypes. What this means is that we sett up our designs to actually work similar to how the actual website will work. The main benefit of doing this is that we can check if the flows are all functional and that we're all seeing what we should be seeing.

After making sure we have a solid prototype set up, we set up a number of user tests, in which we test the functional prototype using actual users of your product (preferably people we've interviewed in the user interview stages). The results then allow for final tweaks to the designs after which we can develiver it to your chosen development partner to make a reality.


Realization and development.

Once designs are set up, finalized and tested, normally designs would be handed over to a web development firm - this agency would then realize the designs into an actual, coded website which you can publish when you see fit.

However, here at theUXdev, we're both highly experienced in both UX Design and Web Development. This means that we can develop the designs in-house, which brings a ton of benefits, such as faster development times, less noise between developer and designer and lower costs.

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