Web Development

User-First Web Development

Web Development refers to the building of designs into actual websites using code and frameworks. Here at theUXdev, we pride ourselves on being both experts at UX Design and Web Development. This means we can take of the entire process of building a great experience through UX Design and then transforming it into a custom website.

Web Development

We make it easy for you.

  • Fast and Responsive

    We build websites as Single Page Applications, with a mobile-first approach. This means that the new website will always perform excellent on all devices; ranging from mobile to desktop. It will look good, and it will always perform at top speed!

  • Built with modern frameworks

    We use the newest technologies for your website to ensure high quality code and performance. For our frontend, we use Vue.js or NuxtJS, which allows us to build custom built websites with great performance. For our backend, we use Laravel, which is a PHP framework that allows us to build custom APIs that communicate with your new frontend.

  • We take care of the hosting

    If you feel less technically inclined or you just don't feel like doing technical work yourself, let us do the hosting for you. We're happy to take the annoying labour of finding a good host and transferring your files to it off your hands. We will make sure your website is hosted on a fast and secure server, and we will make sure it stays that way.

How we build your website.

UX Design first.

To ensure a great User-First experience, we always want to start each development project with some form of UX Design. This could mean a UX Audit of your existing site or a whole UX Project seperately before we start on your website. This is because we want to ensure we're building a User-First product; meaning that your customers will be satisfied to the fullest, and that you're going to be seeing improved conversions and customer satisfaction.

70% of online businesses that fail do so because of bad usability.
This proves the importance of UX Design for your website. Get in touch today.
UX Design

Quickly developed and tested.

During the development phase of a website we want to iterate quickly, with your help. This means we build lots of new versions (sometimes a few per week) for you to check out online. We set your website up on a hidden development link on which you can always preview the changes, which allows you to see the latest changes at all time. Both the designing and development phases are co-operative processes and we want to make it work together!

We also want to make sure that your website is always up to date with the latest technologies. This means that we will always update your website to the latest version of the frameworks we use (Vue.js, NuxtJS and Laravel). This ensures that your website will always be fast and secure.

Developing quickly

Final checks and publishing.

Only after all parties are in satisfied with the final product will we transfer the whole website to a live-environment. This means that your website will only be live when you want it to be.

Depending on your wishes at the start of the project, we might now hand you login details for a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to add posts and pages on the website yourself, without our involvement. We can also host the website on our own servers for you, so you don't have to worry about hosting and transferring files to a server.

Publishing your website

F.A.Q. related to our websites

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