Case Study:

Quinn Group - 4 designs for 4 websites

Quinn Group is the umbrella company of several companies in New Zealand and Auckland. The group is mostly focused on amusement parks and activities; most of their companies are racing and circuit locations. Most of the companies all had different designs for their websites. Therefore, the group set out an assignment to update a handful of their website to an unified design, with some minor accent changes per location.

The problem statement

Quinn Group had several websites which all had different styling which felt inconsistent and was hard to maintain.

The solution

Together with another designer, I set up a design system for the group as a whole and made sure the designs were put through in all 4 files the same way. In close collaboration with a UX Lead related to the group, we put through a strong new styling that was easy to adopt per website, with a clear distinction between each company.


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Quinn Group - 4 designs for 4 websitesQuinn Group - 4 designs for 4 websites