Case Study:

Green Solutions - New Design for Customer Facing website

Green Solutions is a plant-distributor situated in the Netherlands. The company was formed after the merging of two existing companies in the same business. After the merger, the company set up a new brand identity and got a new, slick and modern office. However, at the time, the company didn't have a website for their new brand yet. They contacted Dutch E-Commerce website (where I, Paul) was employed at the time to commission the new website to. The actual website itself was two-part: a front-facing and a B2B hidden website. The front-facing website had to be done first as it was a way for the company to present itself to the public. I was in charge of translating the new brand identity to a new digital design for this part of the website.

The problem statement

After the merger of two local plant businesses, Green Solutions didn't have a new digital design for their newly formed company.

The solution

In close collaboration with the E-commerce manager and marketing specialists of the Green Solutions team, I was able to set up a new design for the front-facing website. This design both felt as modern as their newly built office, while keeping the UX patterns the public expects in place. After handing the designs over to the developers of Experius, I was also in charge of safekeeping the designs during the development process.


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Green Solutions - New Design for Customer Facing website